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General Information

Named after Charles Oakes, the founder of Grandville, Oakestown Intermediate is a new intermediate school opening August 2024 in Grandville Public Schools. It is located in our former middle school. All students in grades 5-6 throughout the district will attend Oakestown. This change is part of our effort to enhance the educational experience by creating a specialized environment for these grade levels. Approved by voters in 2019, this change will also help alleviate congestion in our bustling elementary schools. 
Oakestown’s hours have been strategically scheduled to align with the district’s busing schedules, ensuring an efficient and timely transportation system for all students in the district. Our instructional hours will be as follows: 
Regular Days: 7:40 a.m.- 2:35 p.m.
Half Days: 7:40 a.m.-10:41 a.m.
Our doors will open at 7:20 a.m. for students. Buses will drop students off at approximately 7:15-7:20 a.m. Students will head inside the building for breakfast and/or head to their homeroom with their teacher. Students will not be allowed on the playground before school starts.  
Oakestown Intermediate is designed specifically for grades 5-6, providing a transitional setting to better meet the unique needs of students in early adolescence. Even the playground equipment has been tailored to better suit their age group. 
Yes, all current grade 4 students attending Grandville Public Schools will be automatically enrolled in Oakestown Intermediate for the upcoming school year.

Academic Programs

The school will offer a comprehensive, board-approved curriculum that aligns with state standards. Our goal is to bring active engagement, real-world experiences and student connections across several levels using our building goals to maximize each area for our staff and our students.
Specifically, we have identified the following goals:

● Increase hands-on, meaningful activities through curriculum-connected project-based learning experiences.
● Provide robust support for teachers in the development and implementation of these experiences.
● Expand cross-curricular learning opportunities, with a special emphasis on integrating reading, writing and creative problem solving across subjects.
No, they will have a homeroom teacher who will teach two core subject areas and switch to their partner classroom for two more core subjects. Students will be in other rooms and spaces to attend art, music, physical education, STEAM and other special events or programs.
Fifth grade will have a general music class two times per week. The students will participate in an improved music program to focus on age-appropriate musical activities and lessons. There will be more exposure to band, orchestra and choir with our 5th grade students so they can be better prepared for the choices in 6th grade.
Sixth grade will have four options to choose from in music: band, orchestra, choir or a general music class. These classes will be held during normal school hours. Students will have four 30-minute classes per week. There will no longer be a “zero hour music class” for 6th graders as has been done in the past. Our GMS and GHS music staff will continue to teach these classes.  
Oakestown will also offer extracurricular activities and clubs through our Community Education Program office. Our goal is to increase access to after-school programs and activities for our students. Specific details will be communicated closer to the start of the school year. 

All students will take part in the Amazing Shake, an educational program and competition embedded in the curriculum that teaches life skills such as firm handshakes, communication, manners and social skills.
Oakestown will have ASD and cognitive impairment classrooms as well as the LINKS peer-to-peer program. Resource rooms will also be available for students who need additional support.

School Culture

Oakestown will run a formal house system using the Ron Clark Academy house resources. Every student will be in one of four houses so they can connect to students and staff across the building. The houses are an exciting and proven way to create a positive culture and feeling of belonging. Students are celebrated for their efforts through a process that builds character, empowers academic excellence, fosters school spirit, enhances relationships and promotes a culture of belonging for all.

Facilities and Resources

Over the 2023-24 school year, our former middle school is being transformed by O-A-K Construction into a building specifically for this age group. Oakestown will have modern classrooms, a library, music rooms, art rooms, STEAM rooms, a gym for physical education, science labs and other facilities to support a dynamic and engaging learning environment. The building is even equipped with an indoor swimming pool that will be used for Community Education classes and after-school swim activities.
Yes, transportation will be provided for eligible students attending Oakestown Intermediate. Details about bus routes and schedules will be communicated in PowerSchool before the school year begins. Our 5th and 6th graders will ride the secondary bus runs. 
Each student will be assigned a Chromebook.
Oakestown students will be required to put their phone in their backpack and in their locker during school hours. We ask that all phones are turned off during the school day.  Students will be able to access their phone after the school day has ended to connect with parents or guardians. This will also apply to any smart watches.
All schools in Grandville have a secure locked entrance. Oakestown students will enter through the main office doors at the start of the school day and exit through the same doors at the end of the day. We will have all emergency drills in place for fire, tornado and safety drills. We are adding a new paging and audio system to enhance our communication and responses both inside and outside the building.  
Around the exterior of the school, security film has been added to all windows, making them resistant to being broken or shattered from the outside. 

Transition and Support

The district is planning open houses, tours and other activities to help students and parents familiarize themselves with Oakestown Intermediate and its staff. Specific dates will be set closer to August of 2024 when a construction end timeline is confirmed.
Oakestown Intermediate will have social workers and other support staff available to assist students with academic and personal challenges, ensuring a positive and supportive learning environment.

Communication and Family Engagement

Regular updates will be communicated through email and Oakestown’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Be sure your email address is correct in PowerSchool. You may wish to subscribe to Oakestown’s calendar at oi.gpsbulldogs.org as well.
We are working with our current elementary PTA/PTCs to figure out what the Oakestown parent group will look like. We will have more details later this school year.
Parents and volunteers will enter through our main doors and head directly into our office. We will have a laptop kiosk to sign students in and out of the building, along with tracking all visitors to the building. All guests will be buzzed into the office through the office staff. We will use our district-provided background check system for parents participating with groups of students during the school day.